1st CryptoEscudo Referendum

Welcome to the voting system for CryptoEscudo ®

Along on this page, we explain why and how to take part in this referendum.

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why this referendum?

After successive months of sustained appreciation, even with strong volatility, normal in the initial phase of operation of markets based on supply and demand, the CryptoEscudo ceased to evolve so positively on their path of appreciation, from the beginning of September 2015. This started to happen exactly at the same time as a mining pool, running in the multipool system , began to sell off all CryptoEscudos that it mines in great quantity.

VALUATION, one of the CryptoEscudo goals, is compromised.
Being CryptoEscudo almost always one of most profitable coins to be mined using multipool system mining, because it has a real community of support and because it has a project that everyone, whether they like it or not, recognizes as unique, is usually one of the most heavily mined coins to be sold at any price and as fast as possible, looking for speculative profits based on the advantage of CryptoEscudo conversion to bitcoin.

USE, one of the CryptoEscudo goals, is compromised..
Appears as additional consequence, that the release of CryptoEscudo mining blocks suffer wild swings that make it impossible altogether its use as a viable form of payment - this has to do with the huge variation of mining capacity caused by multipool systems, usually based on cost/reward algorithms too simplistic and therefore with very unpredictable and deeply unstable performance.

SPREAD, one of the CryptoEscudo goals, is compromised.
As a further additional consequence appears the large concentration of mining, ruling out the participation of small-scale miners, who greatly contribute to the spreading and presentation of currency and its many capabilities in their networks of contacts, motivated by their interest in valuing CryptoEscudos of that they participated in the creation, revealing quite important to be able to raise interest, support and use.

The creators of CryptoEscudo - Eugénio Apolo and Ana Costa - clearly supported by the most active members of CryptoEscudo community, understand that accepting behaviors as of multipools, ensures the impossibility of Coin goals in the immediate, even endangering its existence in the long term, due to the complete uselessness of the system for real financial and commercial transactions, according to what shows the many results of other currencies mined by multipools or falling in very long fluctuations of transaction processing. They understand, therefore, that measures can and must be taken, of technical, legal and social character to stop any mining system that harms the CryptoEscudo and delays or compromises its stated goals.

This being an original and unique approach, which seeks to establish limits against speculation and greed as extreme and destructive behaviors, in all similar to those that created devastating economic and financial crises, the creators of CryptoEscudo understand that it must be voted on by all those who already have CryptoEscudos and therefore act as project informal "shareholders" and supporters of its goals.

Therefore arises in referendum vote, the following question:

How to vote

Who can vote?

All who are holders of a CryptoEscudo wallet and at least one address with CryptoEscudos can vote. The voting weight is proportional to the amount of CryptoEscudos associated with voting address, that is, the greater the number of CryptoEscudos associated with the address used in the vote, the greater the weight of the vote. Each user can vote and must vote as often as he/she wishes, using each of their addresses, where he/she must keep the CryptoEscudos used as support for his/her vote until the assessment of FINAL RESULTS. I want to vote!



On your CryptoEscudo wallet, choose [File » Sign message]. See attached example


Choose the CryptoEscudo address you want to use in your vote and write one of the following messages: YES or NO. See attached example


Choose option [Sign Message] in order to get your address signature. See attached example


Use your signature shown on your CryptoEscudo wallet to fill voting form below. See attached example

results clearance

The information about the existing amount of CryptoEscudos at each address, for the purposes of counting and checking the representativeness of each vote, is obtained querying the API of existing and public Block Explorer, as indicated in the CryptoEscudo wallet, at explorador.cryptoescudo.net, being thus the whole results of counting process verifiable by any interested party.

The PROVISIONAL RESULTS are a provisional count and a list of received votes with indication of their weight, obtained at the time of the vote, from consultation to the balance of the address indicated where they must remain to be considered as definitive in the final count. The provisional results can be consulted here.

The final results will be obtained by returning to count the number of existing CryptoEscudos in each address used in the vote held and whereas the sense of expressed vote. This count will be held after the close of voting, sometime in the following 24 hours, being made public the moment in which the verification of the votings addresses occurred. The results obtained at the time of verification will be considered final and published as such.


Starts at 12 PM January 20th 2016. Ends at midnight January 27th 2016.

To vote simply fill in the form below, with the data that you used in your CryptoEscudo wallet adding the signature text obtained. Nothing happens to your address, because what you are doing is just signing your vote with the same private key that signs the transactions in which you send CryptoEscudos and where you prove that they belong to you. The signing of the vote does not imply any loss of privacy, since the amount of CryptoEscudos for qualification of the vote will be public but this in no way implies the knowledge of whoever controls them.

You must copy your CryptoEscudo address and signature obtained in your wallet, as well your vote - YES or NO.

voting form